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I'm Roxann, Owner of Prestige Matchmaking!


I am a God fearing, optimistic, loving Mother who has had my own share of relationship struggles before finding the love of my life! Before becoming a matchmaker, I owned/operated a fitness gym here in East Texas. I enjoyed my career but I always felt there was another type of fulfillment that life had in store for me. 12 years ago I picked up my first book about relationship building. Sense then I had a fire to learn more! Throughout my adult life I have enjoyed studying about emotional connections and how they impacts relationships. The Global Love Matchmaking Institute has greatly extended my passion of science and relationship building.


One day, a dear friend of mine came to me in tears seeking dating advice. She was experiencing struggles that were all too familiar. The same I had gone through once before. She was overwhelmed sharing comments such as  “when am I going to find someone”? Right then, I had a thought! I’m going to find a great guy to set her up on a date with. I’m happy to say my friend is still in a relationship with the same man I introduced her to.

In that moment I knew I wanted to take this to new heights helping others.

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