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I will attempt to give you some insight about me and my general viewpoints in this section. Here I go...

I have been focused on raising my son (now 18 years old) and my job. I really haven't allowed time for much else. I have a multitude of interests though.

Here are just a few quick things I enjoy when time permits. Visiting nature wildlife parks, going to different zoos, visiting different types of museums, live music, theater, comedy clubs, trying new eateries, riding bicycles, fitness workouts, offroading on motorized vehicles in the woods plus loads more. I really am game with just about anything and my interests continue to expand as I evolve in my life's journey. I know that I would like to try yoga and some form of martial arts in the near future.

On another note, I thought I should share my viewpoint and experience with long distance relationships. Even though it is said that love has no boundaries, long distance driving back and forth can become challenging. That being said, ideally I am hoping to meet someone within an hour drive of Tyler, Texas for spontaneous adventure.

I feel that good flowing conversation, kindness, caring, respect, communication, understanding, and solid work ethic are some of many important components to building a healthy lifetime partnership. That being said, physical attraction is another factor as well. We all like what we like, and nothing is wrong with that. I say that because I feel that everyone should be willing to share clear update pictures of themselves (without hiding underneath sunglasses in every picture) along with at least one full body "head to toe" photo. This will help both parties know if they are physically attracted to one another and save time, energy, and any potential awkwardness. I apologize if that comes across as superficial because that is definitely far from the case. I just like to have fair idea of who I am be potentially meeting both intellectually and physically.

I am sorry to write an essay here, but just wanted to share my outlook on things. Oh yeah if you are wondering, I don't always keep a full thick beard. I change it up from time to time, and sometimes roll with more of a "GQ clean cut" styling. It just depends on how I feel if that makes any sense.

Hard at working during a company giveaway event.

Carlos McClarty
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